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Exam Xoom is an interactive database of orthopedic tests. Physicians can search the extensive library and find the appropriate test to help diagnose their patients. Our goal is to provide clinicians with the tools they need to accurately diagnose patients and lead to a more focused and efficient treatment approach. The exam data is then put in a graphical format to provide a powerful visualization of the data. Clinicians and patient's can quickly understand what areas need to be treated or undergo further evaluation.

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Overhead Deep Squat

HipKneeAnkle 1 hour ago

Active Straight Leg Raise

LumbarPelvicHip 3 hours ago

Apley's Scratch Inferior

ShoulderElbow 12/28/15

Cervical Lateral Bending

CervicalLateral Soft TissuesPosterior Soft TissuesJoint 12/28/15

Blood Pressure

ElbowVascular 12/28/15

Deep Tendon Reflex - Knee

KneeNerveMotor Control 12/2/15
Cervical Extension Standing Feb-08-2017

Will this test yield the same results standing as sitting?

Doug Maxeiner, D.C.
Overhead Squat Jan-21-2016

I get to be the 10th Comment!

Doug Maxeiner, D.C.

Latest Tests


Dermatome Assessment - C7

Light touch or pin prick dermatome assessment on the on the dorsal surface of the proximal phalanx of the middle finger.

Admin - Cervical Circulatory Axial with Functions


Admin - Cervical Circulatory Axial


Internal Rotation Lag Sign

Place hand on lumbar region and lift away from spine.